Hi I am Baby “GOT TA LOVE ME”

Hello World

My name is Baby.  Why Baby?  Well it’s because the lady and the lady’s daughter who found me were always holding me while I was recovering from some rather nasty moments in my short little life. They would always say, “give me the baby”, or “here hold the baby” and it just stuck.  So now my name for better or worse is Baby.

I was born is the small town of Grabill Indiana.  The first few weeks of my life were warm and wonderful with my brothers and sisters and mom.  But shortly after I got my first look at the world things got kinda bad.  I lost my mom and my family and I was stuck out in the rain. I don’t even know how I got there. I ate anything I could find because I was so hungry. I lost weight and caught a cold. Then when I thought things could not get any worse a man came up and kicked me just for asking for a little help. After that I could not walk very well. My cold got worse and I was just about to give up. It was cold and raining and I could not even meow. That was when the nice lady found me.  She picked me up wrapped me in a towel and took me to the Grabill vet.  He did not think I was going to make it. But the lady she had them dry me off and give me some medication and took me home.  Then she took me to the Hicksville vet the next day. The Vet lady looked me over gave me some more meds and trimmed my fur off my butt.  I was so embarrassed, but She had to because I could not stand or walk to my potty box. My new mom took me home and fed me good food and bad tasting medicine and soon I could stand.  Within a few days of standing I was able to pull my self over to my pooh box so my towels would stay clean.  Today I am walking. It maybe that I am not the best walking cat but I can walk again.  Things are looking up.

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