A Thank You note

Before I go on about The Baby I would like to thank my little brother for making this site for me. I am not sure I will be very good at blogging but I want to give it a try. It is so cool having the perfect little brother. I believe that he is perfect because first off he married the coolest person I really love her except for the times she makes fun of me. Back to my brother. he is just fun to be with and he is my friend. There is nothing that I can’t talk to him about. Love you Dean thanks for being a huge part of my life.

The Baby

This is a story of how a little kitten change my life one cold rainy day in December. My daughter and I had just pull up to the Grabill Inn. As I step out of the car to pick up our lunch my daughter asked if I saw a cat in the ally . I went over and looked at this ragged looking hairball.I walk away went in to get our lunch.But as I did I could only think of the little Kitten out in the freezing rain. So as I got back to the car I gave Jenifer, our lunch and asked her if she could take us to the Grabill vet. I took my coat off and went to pick the kitten up. At first she ran away and fell . I picked her up and off we went to the Vet. I was sure that they would say the best thing to do would be to put her to sleep. She had pus covering one eye and was cover with mats from her head to her tail. She smelled really bad and had sticks and leaves stuck to her behind. The vet came and looked at her and pulled the pus off her eye she had an eye (one good thing) Her temp was 94 degrees a kittens temp should be 101 to 106. I had to get back to work so they said that they would get her warm and hydrate her.It was really hard going back to work but I did after a long four hours I went to pick the kitten up they told me to warm her up gave me some Med. that was about it and I left with a cat that had so much poop stuck in her hair that they could not tell if she was a boy or girl. We got home and I got towels and held her until it was time for bed. I put her in a box. Not really sure what to do next I never had a cat that didn’t really move. The next day I called my vet and could not get in until for another day. After work I stopped and got some canned food and waterless shampoo. I cleaned her up as much as I could without hurting her. Even her face had dirt and leave on it as if she had been eating dirt. When offered food she did not hesitate to dig in. I put her in a box by my bed and prayed that she would be alive the next day to see the veterinarian. The next day baby kitten had not move but was alive. Another long day at work and soon it was time for the vet. appointment. Again I worried that one of two things would happen that either they would put her to sleep or it would cost so much that I would not be able to pay for her care. I love our vet.(Karen Pedden) just to let you know she has always listen and helped with all our animals . She picked the baby up from her box.I explain what I could about the condition that I found her in.Her young assistant helped Karen cleaned up the baby, she is a girl.They washed her shaved a lot of hair off her tail and butt area because had diarrhea, worms and an eye infection.I asked about her not walking and Karen checked her out, good news she had feelings in her legs and back she was just so sick and young that walking may just be too much for her. Karen and her assistant load up three or four kinds of medication in syringe for easy application. Just her looking at the kitten and I had hope that this little one would have a life. I left with a uplifted feeling of hope. Now I need to talk to Glen the spouse about this fur ball.   More about the baby in the next post.



Angel and The Baby Image By Dean


Hi I am Baby “GOT TA LOVE ME”

Hello World

My name is Baby.  Why Baby?  Well it’s because the lady and the lady’s daughter who found me were always holding me while I was recovering from some rather nasty moments in my short little life. They would always say, “give me the baby”, or “here hold the baby” and it just stuck.  So now my name for better or worse is Baby.

I was born is the small town of Grabill Indiana.  The first few weeks of my life were warm and wonderful with my brothers and sisters and mom.  But shortly after I got my first look at the world things got kinda bad.  I lost my mom and my family and I was stuck out in the rain. I don’t even know how I got there. I ate anything I could find because I was so hungry. I lost weight and caught a cold. Then when I thought things could not get any worse a man came up and kicked me just for asking for a little help. After that I could not walk very well. My cold got worse and I was just about to give up. It was cold and raining and I could not even meow. That was when the nice lady found me.  She picked me up wrapped me in a towel and took me to the Grabill vet.  He did not think I was going to make it. But the lady she had them dry me off and give me some medication and took me home.  Then she took me to the Hicksville vet the next day. The Vet lady looked me over gave me some more meds and trimmed my fur off my butt.  I was so embarrassed, but She had to because I could not stand or walk to my potty box. My new mom took me home and fed me good food and bad tasting medicine and soon I could stand.  Within a few days of standing I was able to pull my self over to my pooh box so my towels would stay clean.  Today I am walking. It maybe that I am not the best walking cat but I can walk again.  Things are looking up.

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